The pay site is complete.

Many, many huge thanks to DireLilith and Silverman for setting that up. So if you haven’t checked it out yet, this is the kind of stuff your missing. Like behind the scenes stuff…..


“Krayt, get down on your knees so you can be closer, like your really trying to see how she’s doing. Talon bring your knees together and up, kind of tuck your pussy in as you rub it. Now put your foot on his chest.”

“Do you want me to help her, maybe finger her ass or something?”

“Bwahahahaha, it’s ok Krayt, I know what I’m doing. hahaha”

“No Krayt, your supposed to be letting her do this. You just want to watch when that pussy explodes, but she has to do it herself.”

“ahhh ok, got it.”

“hahaha he just wants to stick his finger in my ass.”

“Well when I say ‘cut’ he can do whatever you let him do.”

“Ok, when darth says ‘cut’ you can poke my ass.”

“How about I just grab you like a six-pack?”


“Cut! Will you guys knock it off, let’s get this scene done!”

“Oh, he said cut! Now’s your chance, stick your finger in! hahaha”