STATUS as of 9/18/18- Issue #3

Pages compiled 21

Scenes renders complete 4 of 19 (2 under construction)


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And did I mention on the next issue I’ll be inserting a comment section on the last page? I’ll pick some from this site just like the letters section of other comics. SO, if you want your comment to have a chance at making it in, you have to leave one.

These are the ongoing adventures of Darth Talon. To destroy strange nude creatures, to seek out sith pretenders and people named Skywalker. To boldly do what no one has done before…..

And for Darth Talon be naked, sexy and erotic on almost every page!

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Talon comic

#1 Unbound

#2 The Centennial Duncan

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#1 Unbound
#2 The Centennial Duncan