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4E 206 12th of FS -
Night watch again, the best part of night watch is I don't have to wear that damn chain mail hood under my helmet or the plate leggins. I like to image some bandit out there in the forest is using his spyglass to watch me when I let the wind blow my loincloth up and the torchlight hits me just right. Plus I love the feeling of the wind blowing between my legs or sitting on the edge of the castle exposing all of myself for anyone who might be watching. It has turned the dreaded boring night watch into a fun erotic fantasy. I think I like these better that normal day guard duty. Although if we ever get attacked and the rest of the guard is woken up for the battle the Captain is going to have my ass, and not in the fun Sanguine way either. Ugh, not that I would want him to do THAT to me anyway.

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